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Customized ''First Class'' corset

[Underbust corset / One-of-a-kind]

Description :

Made of 12 panels, this corset is the perfect balance between a strong structure and an easy-to-wear corset.

The center front is high enought to hold your body from the underbust line to the full hips line.
You can also notice the elegant "V" curve at the center front bottom edge.

Finally, the ribcage is curvy to maximize comfort to breathe.

This corset is a one-of-a-kind piece made with a second layer of leather in golden snakes skin pattern.

Details :

Estimated shipping date :
Item price : 1100.00 € (EUR)

[Item sizes]

Underbust * :90.0 cm
Waist ** :65.0 cm
Hip * :85.0 cm
* : circumference.
** : circumference, corset closed.

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