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''Opéra'' corset

[Underbust corset / One-of-a-kind]

Description :

With its strong structure made of a total of 18 panels, the "Opéra" corset will provide a strong maintain of the body from the underbust line to the lower hips, with curvy ribcage for comfort to breathe.

The final shape covers all hips with a smooth natural waist reduction.

Perfect as a unisex corset, this corset can answer tightlacing uses thanks to its resistance.

Details :

Estimated shipping date :
Item price : 1180.00 € (EUR)

[Item sizes]

Underbust * :0.0 cm
Waist ** :0.0 cm
Hip * :0.0 cm
* : circumference.
** : circumference, corset closed.

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