The ''First Class'' corset is made of 6 panels and 2 gussets on the hips, on each sides. So a total of 12 panels and 4 gussets.

The bones around are made of steel spiral wire to keep the shape and strenght of this item.

This design is front closed by a system of 2 wide steel bones, reinforced by a 3rd strong steel bone at the center front.
This original system of 3 bones at the front helps to keep the shape perfectly straight.

The back of this corset is made of 6 layers of cotton coutil reinforced with 4 thin steel bones to avoid any movement of the eyelets.
The 32 eyelets are arranged closer at and around the waist line to optimize the lacing.

Finally, a modesty panel of 2'' wide will protect your skin or your clothes from the lacing. This modesty panel can also allow you to open the corset for 2'' more at all levels.

Retouched photographs.
''First Class'' underbust corset, nude, front closed.
The ''First Class'' corset is designed to offer an entry-level item, more affordable, but to keep the highest quality and performance. This item is perfect for an average waist reduction, about 4'' to 6'', or if you are starting with the use of corsets. This design is an underbust corset, its silhouette is adapted to be worn on top or under a dress, a shirt or a T-shirt. The corset on the photographs is a Medium size (US 10 - UK 12), perfect for someone with the following natural measurements : - Underbust size : 32'' to 33'' - Natural waist size : 28'' to 29'' - Hip size : 37'' to 38'' This standard Medium size corset have a waist size of 24,5'' (corset closed), which means a waist reduction of about 4''. These proportions are ideal to enhance the body's silhouette without excessive rib cage or hip compression. This corset is also available made-to-measure.
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Front closed
€ 660.00
Front busk
€ 880.00
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Made in France.
Handmade craftsmanship.
The ''First Class'' corset is an entry-level item inspired from the ''Ritz'' corset, but with a lighter structure.
Its shape refers to the corsets of the end of the late 19th Century.

This corset is fully handcrafted, in France, and each step of the making is verified to guarantee the quality of this product.
This design is made of cotton coutil for the outside, cotton satin for the lining, and the borders are made of silk satin Duchesse.

The shape of this corset is made to fit the body up to the underbust line with a light higher center front to lean on the bottom part of the sternum.
The rib cage is curvy for a better comfort and avoid suffocation feelings.
The hips are curvy too with the insertion of 2 gussets on each sides of the corset.
This kind of structure helps to give a better visual effect for round hips and makes the waist look smaller.
The amount of panels for this item may be adjusted depending on the size selected
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