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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q).

Informations described below are displyed in order to help you use MaisonMoginot.com correctly.
However, if you still can't find your answer, you can contact us directly through the contact form.
Chapter 1 - Definition of "MaisonMoginot.com".
"MaisonMoginot.com" is a website for purchasing and finding informations about corsets, or similar items, created and managed by Gabriel Moginot as a self-worker.
Regarding to how complex corsets (or similar items) can be, our advices are given as informations. A more specific request can always be sent by e-mail.

On http://www.maisonmoginot.com (aka: "Maison Moginot"), you can browse a catalogue of clothing, mostly corsets, and place your purchase order.
Buying goods on "Maison Moginot" by credit card is possible thanks to our supplier "BluePaid" who provides a secured SSL system.
In the process of adding goods to your cart, you will have to sign-on your customer profile in a first place.
If you don't have a customer profile, you can create a new one. This one is totally free, and is used by "Maison Moginot" in order to prepare your purchase order and contact you.
Chapter 2.1 - Buying process.
As soon as you access "Maison Moginot", you will have access to our catalogue, item's descriptions, prices, and several other functions.
If you want to buy one of our products, you will have to first :
  • Sign-on your customer profile
  • Create a new customer profil (totally free, without obligation)

    If you are already signed-on, you will have direct access to your cart.
    Informations collected will stay confidential, and only used to prepare your purchase order (manufacturing, shipping, billing), or to contact you. Your details will not be communicated to any other company except to a retailer who would be in charge of your order.
    Regarding to the french law "Loi informatique et liberté", you will have access and rights to modify your own details. If you have a request regarding to your details please contact us by e-mail.

    To create a customer profile, some informations are required.
    These informations are : gender, last name, first name, a main postal address, a main telephone number (if you don't have a home phone, you can type a cell phone number), an e-mail, and a password to access your customer profile.

    When all these informations are fulfilled, your customer profile will be automatically created. You will then be able to continue your online shopping. To see your cart, click on "My cart".
  • Chapter 2.2 - How to buy a standard model and change the fabric color.
    Maison Moginot offers a range of fabrics for each product disposable in custom-made AND standard version.
    If you want to order a standard version and change the fabric color, proceed this way :
  • Add a custom-made version to your cart.
  • Clic on the "Keep the standard measurements (no extra cost)" link.
  • Select the desired fabric for this item.
  • Save this item to your cart.

    This way you can order an item in the desired fabric color without extra cost.
  • Chapter 3 - Payment process.
    After agreeing with the terms of sale, payment can be made by credit card only, you will be redirected to BluePaid's secured service. If your payment is successful, your purchase order will get directly to preparation.

    Informations concerning BluePaid's secured services :
    BluePaid accepts the following credit cards : VISA, VISA ELECTRON, CARTE BLEUE, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD, E-VISA, E-MASTERCARD et MAESTRO.
    BluePaid is independant from MaisonMoginot.com, we don't have access to your credit card details.
    BluePaid's transactions are secured by SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layers).
    Chapter 4.1 - Purchase order's confirmation.
    Following a payment by credit card with BluePaid, after your transaction is done, click on the "Back to shop" button. This will update your purchase order and generate your order confirmation.
    You will also receive a transaction confirmation from BluePaid (called "Ticket") which will confirm trasaction details and it's amount. A short time after this ticket, you will receive a confirmation from "Maison Moginot" to confirm that the purchase order is saved and on preparation.

    At this point, a purchase order confirmation will be disposable in the "Purchase order history" section.

    If you don't find this e-mail, first check your "Spam" box. If you still have no confirmation, please, contact us by e-mail.
    Chapitre 4.2 - Invoice.
    When a purchase order is payed through BluePaid, and if BluePaid confirm the transaction, your invoice will be automatically generated in a PDF format.
    Then, you can download this document from the "Purchase order history" section.
    Chapter 5 - Delivery and shipping.
    When a purchase order is dispatched to you, we will inform you by e-mail (e-mail specified on the customer profile, or specified for shipping). This confirmation will includes your tracking number for the dispatched package(s).

    Concerning the shipping by french post services (La Poste), we use the "Colissimo Suivi" service, which includes a tracking of the package. Tracking can be done from this website : .

    A delivery note will be disposable in a PDF format, you can download this document from the "Purchase order history" section.
    Chapter 6 - Password forgotten.
    If you are a new customer at MaisonMoginot.com, you will have to create a customer profile.
    To access again this customer profile, you will have to enter your e-mail and password, these informations are fulfilled by you when you create your customer profile, and can be updated later.

    If you forgot your password, go to the "Password forgotten" page.
    Type your e-mail (the e-mail linked to your customer profile), and click "Ok". You will then receive your password by e-mail instantly.
    Chapter 7 - The "Newsletter".

    "Maison Moginot" is offering a free service called "Newsletter", this newsletter can be a promotional or informative e-mail.
    No frequency is defined for this newsletter.
    This newsletter will be sent to all the people who chosed to subscribe to it.
    You can freely subscribe or unsubscribe from this newsletter, from the newsletter webpage and forms..

    If you have any further questions, please contact us at : maisonmoginot@gmail.com