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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE for "Maison Moginot" (http://www.maisonmoginot.com)

These terms and conditions of sale (“Agreement”) are applicable to any order placed with and accepted by Us (referred to herein as “Supplier”).
"Maison Moginot" is a commercial name for Mr Gabriel Moginot, self-worker.
Article 1 - Scope of agreement.
All transactions and purchase orders placed on this website and concerning any products, creations or services, to any buyer, are relevant to these following terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions are considered fully accepted by the buyer, without no reserve or restriction.
Article 2 - Limits.
All specificities about quality, performance, capacity, sizes, costs, delivery, etc. are displayed as informations, and can not be taken as a proper warranty regarding to the way goods could be used or altered.
All notices, flyers, brochures, catalogues, and printed pricings or advertising documents edited by Maison Moginot, are not composing i final purchase offer.

We are also free to make changes on our production and manufacturing, for any changes that we consider necessary, and without announcement or obligation to apply these changes to dispatched past orders or saved orders.
Article 3 - Prices.
Prices on our website are displayed in Euros, without postal charges.
The total amount incl. VAT of a purchase order, including postal charges, will be displayed on the cart webpage.
For any order, we offer a free delivery with french post services : La Poste, in a standard "Colissimo" with tracking service.

Prices displayed on MaisonMoginot.com are given as informations. Final purchase price is the one displayed the day we deliver the buyer, who may have to pay an extra (or be refunded) if that price is different. This condition is also applicable in case of a delivery delay.
However, the buyer can cancel his/her order if the total amount has increased of more than 20% from the total displayed on the order confirmation. In that case, the buyer will be fully refunded, but no extra charges or interests or responsibilities could be hold against "Maison Moginot".
Prices are considered EX Works from our production in Corbeil-Essonnes (91100 - France)
Article 4 - Buyer materials and data.
When you place a purchase order on www.maisonmoginot.com, some informations are archived in our database.
We may use these informations for commercial uses and informations regarding to Maison Moginot only.
No other company will access to your informations, except for the retailers in charge of your orders.
When a purchase order is recorded and saved by a customer, informations concerning the content of the order, payment conditions, shipping address are billing address are saved in our database.
When a customer profile is erased by the customer himself, these informations are still saved in our database to keep Maison Moginot's commercial history.

All these informations are collected in a legal way, refering to french law : "loi informatique et libertés du 6 janvier 1978".
You are also free to unsubscribe and subscribe to our e-mails from the "Newsletter" webpage.

In agreement with the french law "loi informatique et libertés du 6 janvier 1978", informations concerning your customer account may be used by Maison Moginot for our own needs, you also have the right to access and modify them.
If you have questions concerning the uses of these informations, please contact Maison Moginot (Gabriel Moginot) through the contact form.
Article 5 - Purchase order.
When you want to buy an item on Maison Moginot, you will have to access first to your customer area or create a new customer profile.
This step is necessary to proceed to the record of your purchase order, to access payment conditions, and shipping and billing details.
When you will be signed on your customer profile, you will have access to a cart in order to compose your purchase order.
In order to save your purchase order and access to payment conditions, you will have to agree with these terms of sale, by checking a check box on the bottom of the checkout webpage.

After you agreed these terms of sale, payment can be made by credit card only, online, you will be redirected to a BluePaid secured webpage for the credit card transaction. If your payment is accepted, your purchase order will get to preperation automatically.
Following the payment process, and if your order do reach the "preparation" status, please consider a few days to manufacture your goods (for an average of 7 days to make a corset).
If your order includes several items, the average manufacturing time will be multiplied by the number of items in your purchase order.

"Maison Moginot" reserves the rights to not answer a purchase order, in that case, the customer will be fully refunded and informed of this decision.

Also, total amount incl. VAT of a purchase order can not be less than 20 Euros.
Article 6 - Shipping, transport, delivery claims, return delivery.
In case of refunds, theses ones will be done without extra interests or charges, and without Maison Moginot's responsability.

All goods and purchase orders are shipped under responsabilities of the buyer.
The buyer have to verify the content and quality of his/her order at reception.
In case of degradation of the package and goods while transport, the buyer (or the person in charge of receiving the package) have to specify reserves at reception, and according to the carrier procedures. The buyer will also have to specify any troubles or degrations at reception the same day as the delivery date, by sending an e-mail to Gabriel Moginot : maisonmoginot@gmail.com.
Any other claims, regarding nonconformity of the goods delivered, except for transport disputes, have to be send by e-mail to : maisonmoginot@gmail.com AND by registered mail within the next 14 days from the delivery date.
No return delivery will be accepted it this one hasn't been announced and authorized with instructions from "Maison Moginot".
The buyer agree having received all necessary verbal or writen instructions regarding the use and good practices of the delivered goods.

Concerning the shipping by french post (La Poste), we will use a "Colissimo Suivi" service which includes tracking of the package from this website : http://www.colissimo.fr/portail_colissimo/suivre.do.
Article 7 - Payment conditions.
Following your cart, and after accepting the terms of sale, only one payment conditions will be available to save your purchase order :
  • Pay by credit card with BLuePaid's secured system.
    Transaction is secured by a SSL system.
    In that case, when you pay by credit card, you will be in a direct connection with BluePaid's services and system.
    "Maison Moginot" doesn't have access to your credit card number and can not save it.
  • Article 8 - Reserves of rights and property.
    "Maison Moginot" reserves rights and property on any sold item until full payment of this item (according to french law "loi du 12 Mai 1980"). These reverses are also true in case of selling the item to a third part.

    All risks concerning the purchase order are transfered to the buyer as soon as the order is shipped.

    If the purchase order is hold by custom services or other services, and can not reach the buyer, the buyer will have to specify this situation by sending us a letter, for us to unblock this situation.
    "Maison Moginot" is keeping the rights to ask for the return of goods that still belongs to "Maison Moginot", at any time.
    Article 9 - Cancellation clause.
    "Maison Moginot" reserves rights to consider a purchase order fully cancelled, and without necessity of any procedures if :
  • The buyer refuses to accept delivery of the purchase order.
  • The buyer is not sending us all required informations for making, billing and shipping his/her purchase order.

    In one of those cases, "Maison Moginot" will ask and expect the return of goods from this purchase order which may be sent already.
    In case of a return from the buyer to "Maison Moginot", all postal charges for this return will be in charge of the buyer.
  • Article 10 - Warranty.
    "Maison Moginot"'s warranty is set up according to articles 1641 and following articles from the french civil code. These articles are considering good's hidden defaults.

    Quality and quantity :
    Choices made by the buyer are under full responsibility from the buyer. "Maison Moginot" doesn't take responsibilities on judging or estimating the choices made by the buyer.

    If the buyer is contesting quality and/or quantity of the received goods, we will (at maximum) proceed to a standard exchange of defective goods. This exchange won't includes no further responsibilities, such as postal charges, transformation charges, or overdue compensation payment.

    Claims and requests regarding to good's quality or quantity must be specified within 2 days from the delivery date, to be accepted.
    Claims and requests can be send by e-mail to : maisonmoginot@gmail.com

    Warranty won't be valid if it's obvious that :
    - Goods were altered or destroyed because of bad uses, or wrong uses, other than what it's supposed to be.
    - Goods were not kept in good conditions, other than "Maison Moginot"'s recommendation.

    Returned goods which do not enter warranty's conditions will be destroyed within 8 days following the "reject warranty" notification, if these goods are not requested back from the buyer.

    Advices and proposals :
    All advices, tips, technical assistance, and proposals offered for free are given as indications, and can not includes "Maison Moginot"'s responsability.
    Advices are given as informations, and are not exhaustive.
    Article 11 - Legal power assignment.
    In case of any contestation regarding to the good process of a purchase order, legal power assignment will be delivered to the "Tribunal de commerce de Evry" (91 - France).

    This legal power assignment will be applied even in case of emergency proceeding, in case of warranty's defaults, in case of several defendants, no matter if this assignment is related to civil or commercial contracts and codes. By reference to the article 1382 and following articles from french civil code.

    No external events or actors, however, in the all purchase process, could change this legal power assignment.
    Article 12 - Languages and geographic capacities of "Maison Moginot" (www.maisonmoginot.com).
    All goods disposables for purchase on "Maison Moginot" can be delivered in the countries covered by La Poste.
    Also, languages used on this website are French and English.
    Article 13 - E-mail's formats.
    While you use the purchase process or customer area on "MaisonMoginot.com", some automatic e-mail can be generated.
    Here is a list of potential e-mails with their formats.
    Attention ; If you can not read these formats, you can contact "Maison Moginot" to be informed of the content of an e-mail sent to you.

    E-mails and formats :
  • Newsletter : text / HTML.
  • Purchase order confirmation : text / PDF.
  • Ticket from BluePaid service : text.
  • Invoice : text / PDF.
  • Delivery note : text / PDF.

    If you do not receive an e-mail, after an action that is supposed to send an e-mail to you, or after paying a purchase order, please check first your "Spam" box.
    If an e-mail is still missing, please contact us directly.
  • Article 14 - Technic restrictions and softwares.
    To have access to all resources from http://www.maisonmoginot.com , you may need the free "Adobe Reader" software and "Macromedia Flash Player" plug-in.
    "Maison Moginot" doesn't use cookies.

    Download for free these softwares at :
    Adobe Reader : http://www.adobe.com/fr/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
    Plugin Macromedia Flash Player : http://www.adobe.com/

    Mr. Gabriel Moginot / Maison Moginot
    19, Avenue Carnot
    91100 Corbeil-Essonnes (FRANCE)
    E-mail : maisonmoginot@gmail.com

    N° NAFA : 1414ZZ
    Artisan reference : 503949703RM091
    SIRET : 50394970300030
    RCS : 503 949 703